Everything Counts

Everything Counts In Large Amounts (Gore)

I’ve brewed and bottled my own beer for about 5 years, usually with good results!
Increasingly I have noticed the Maker’s Instructions have been adding, “drinkable in a few weeks but more flavoursome and mature after 3-6 months”. So, in each brew I have retained 2-3 bottles for this “extra experience”, but because I always reuse the same semi-opaque, brown plastic bottles, I now can’t tell them apart!

Which got me thinking… how do we choose our beer or wine in the shops?
Many people have a set price range and often we just stick to what we know we like. Our preferences.
As Depeche Mode once sang, “Everything Counts In Large Amounts” – but it turns out that somethings count more than others – to different people.
And to give us more choice, things are differentiated and labelled; by bottle size, by colour, by method of opening or disposal, but it’s what’s inside that really matters.

I see a lot of labels out there; Old, Young, Generation X, Ex-Military, Single Mum, LGBT, Racist, United Fan, Lazy, Immigrant, Refugee, Upper Class, Guardian Reader, Home Brew and so it goes.

Sometimes we are given the labels by other people – sometimes we make a label for ourselves. Yes, it helps us to differentiate but it can drop you into a box that’s not right for you.

But back to my ageing and anonymous beer collection. The only thing for it is for me to go in with my mind open and listen to what my own thoughts tell me about what I see and taste in front of me – the Contents.
Note to self; engage with people for who they are and see past the label; you may find them surprisingly mature, agreeable and flavoursome.

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