Try To See Things My Way

We Can Work It Out / The Beatles (Lennon/McCartney)

McCartney sees things differently. He has something else in mind. He has looked at the situation and has seen that there could be another way.

Fair enough.

I was working with a group the other week and we were talking about increasing our performance and the performance of those around us.

I suggested that, if we wanted to access more useful behaviour, we might want to look at the sources of those behaviours.

We could examine our thoughts and wonder what is making us think that way; what triggers, habits and memorie are causing us to act out our thoughts.

We could also reflect on our feelings and consider what it is that makes us feel like we do (toward work or other people for example) and how that might colour our behaviour.

Lastly, I wondered out loud about digging down to our beliefs and think how they may be helping (or not helping) our behaviours and choices.

Intellectually, at least, my group got it. They could see how this might be possible.

“But be realistic”, said another, “You’re not living in the real world if you think we can change our behaviour in real time based on those other emotions”.

Maybe The Beatles weren’t real people too. Maybe someone should have told them to be realistic.

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