You Get Lighter The More It Gets Dark

Sky Full Of Stars / Coldplay (Buckland/Champion/Berryman/Bergling/Martin)


The next time there is no moon in the sky and there is little or no cloud cover (the next “new moon” is in 2 days where I live), get out at night and go as far away from light source as you can.

Don’t turn on a torch/flashlight and resist the urge to consult your phone. I’d like your eyes to get used to the dark.

When you have found somewhere comfortable to stand, sit or even lie down, I’d like you to look up at the stars. This is not about finding shapes or constellations but just look at the stars.

Now look at the sky. The darkness between the stars. Which one outplays the other? In terms of space, area it’s the darkness. The stars take up a tiny amount of space versus the night sky; you’d be pushing it to say its 1-2%.

Now look down at your hand. Can you see it? Is there enough light from just those stars to make sense of things?

When you return home, turn on the TV news or find a newspaper. What percentage of the news is good news? When you go to school or work the next day, what percentage of people you meet are uplifting, motivational and sharing their light?

It’s a daft metaphor but it works for me. The world, just like the night sky is 98% darkness, but 2% of the ‘stars’ in the world you light up the place. You could join them – it’s free. We can ‘get by’ with just 2% of people being stars but think how great it would be if a few more stepped up.

Be a Star.

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