A Square With A Horn Makes You Wish You Weren’t Born Every Time He Plays

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat / The Aristocats (Rinker/Huddleston)


Don’t you just know it? Here you are trying to enjoy life when you bump into someone who seems hell bent on bringing you down.

In fact, they seem to want to bring everybody to their level of misery and despair. They love nothing more than spoiling your plans, finding fault, telling you that your ideas will come to nothing and so on.

They also like to recruit people into their gang so that there are more and more people who think negatively about life; this way they don’t feel alone when they are blowing off about their nightmare world.

These aren’t bad people by the way – they’re just stuck. Stuck playing the same tune on their broken horn. These squares have been playing the same tune so long that they are stuck in the habit of living life that way.


In fairness to The Squares, they will say that negativity and being generally hacked off is normal. They will tell you that you should stop living in a dream world and start being Normal.

Don’t do it, Don’t be Normal. Don’t live a life that is not extraordinary. You owe it to yourself to be to the most positive, full on, high octane version of you imaginable. You weren’t put on this earth to be Average or Normal!


Still think I’m wrong? Look up the etymology of the word Normal. It is derived from the Latin word “normalis” which means “as determined by a Carpenter’s Square; conforming to the Rule”. Correct, reliable, ubiquitous – but boring. Square in fact.

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