I Hope My Premonition Misses

Lately / Stevie Wonder (Wonder)


It won’t.

9 times out of 10, what we strongly feel will happen… is what shows up.


Etymologically speaking, the word is from the Latin where prae means prior and monare means warning – a prior warning.

But what is this Prior Warning based on? Is it from scripture or some form of ancient writings? No, worse than that; it’s your scripture – your truth.

Based on all the things you’ve experienced, what you’ve read or been told, what happened last time, what you feel you deserve (or don’t) based on your self-worth and your habitual way of thinking you can predict the outcome.

Just to break this down further, your “habitual way of thinking” includes;

  • Glass half full/half empty
  • Your sense of entitlement
  • Your invisible rules e.g. “this always happens to me”
  • Crappy self-talk e.g. “I’m an idiot”
  • Ability to choose the negative from any situation when the positive is equally available
  • Poor-Little-Old-Me thinking


As I’ve said many times in this blog, what we Believe informs our Feelings. What we strongly Feel drives our Thoughts and what we Think and Feel – the MEANING we add to occurrences, shapes our attitude, our mindset, our emotional state.

All of that Emotional Soup shows up in our behaviour and it’s very difficult to control at that level.

As Stevie Wonder says in the song, “But what I really feel, my eyes won’t let me hide. (Be)cause they always start to cry”

As someone once said, “Hope is not a strategy”, so instead of hoping that things will turn out how you want them, re-wire your premonitions by tracking back to your Beliefs level and ask yourself why you are holding this belief.

If the Belief you are holding is not getting you the outcome you want then CHANGE YOUR BELIEF.

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