England Where My Heart Lies

Kathy’s Song/ Simon & Garfunkel (Simon)


It won’t have escaped many in the last few weeks that some people have been taking Football pretty seriously. And Tennis, and F1, and Cycling. And in a couple of weeks, Golf.

But the thing about the footy is that England have done pretty well and that, according to most sources, it has made the country proud again.

Proud of its team, proud of its flag, proud of its manager; (couldn’t you just use some of that at work?) – but most of all, proud of ourselves.

And yet we’ve not really done anything except show our support.


So, the thing that has produced this pride and energy (good and bad at times) has been Passion. A love for football, for the country, for the sport, for the movement.


Forget football. What are you passionate about?

If a simple game can produce this much energy, then why not analyse your own energy source? What gets you out of bed in a morning, what keeps you going/interested long after others thinks it is time you called it a day? What subject do you hope is going to come up in the workplace or bar so that you can fully take part?


And how do you feel when you’re doing that thing? I’m willing to guess that you do it willingly, and with full concentration. You might take notes or read more about it or seek out people who ae better than you to get advice. Time flies when you’re engaged in it. You want to teach others how to do it too.


There will be naysayers and haters; don’t listen to them. Enjoy what you do, immerse yourself in what you love and even do it for a living if you can. Pass on your passion and energy to others – they will realise it’s good to enjoy the good times.


“We might live in a time where sometimes it’s easier to be negative than positive, or to divide than to unite, but England: let’s keep this unity alive. I Love You.”

Kyle Walker, Sheffield, England

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