In my mind, the ability to Coach effectively is one of the key differentiators between normal and outstanding leaders.

Many people understand the concept and value of Coaching but do not have the tools and confidence to do it in the workplace and beyond. Others have the tools and models (from previous courses or from reading about Coaching) but are unsure how and when to use this style of Leadership.

My take on Coaching is based on the Grow Model and the sense that the Coach’s job is to reduce the “interference” being felt by the Coachee, not to fix the problem. Add to this a belief that the Coachee is resourceful and this makes for a very powerful ‘pull” style of leadership.

My Coaching offering is two-fold;

  1. To train leaders and managers in the “how and why” of Coaching so that people understand the power and scope of this approach.
  2. To actually Coach individuals in your Organisation so that they can reduce their own “interferences” and hence solve their own problems more effectively.

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