Key Notes, Facilitation and Consultancy

My experience of training, coaching, presenting and speaking in various contexts, cultures and countries has led people to increasingly ask whether I can help them out in other ways.

Examples include;

Key Note Speaking. Mostly on the topics of Leadership, Self Belief and Motivation I am able to contribute to your Offsite or Conference in ways that “normal” speakers do not. I have the ability to inspire an audience to understand their options and responsibilities and therefore build a call to action. It will be funny, it will be challenging & memorable but above all will stimulate buy-in and action.

Facilitation. Senior Leaders will often run 1 day events in which they either wish to be a key-speaker or take the chance to be an observer. As a Facilitator or Master of Ceremonies (MC) I can remove the burden of coordinating, warming up and motivating a group such that the key elements of the Conference do not get wasted or missed. Additionally, I am able to act as an Independent 3rd Party to help your management teams or key personnel reach a solution through a targeted, facilitated session.

Consultancy. It is increasingly the case that Organisations have dissolved their Training and/or Development departments due to not having a full time demand for this skill. As a person with 30 years of experience in Operational Management and Leadership roles plus 12 years as a freelance Leadership Trainer I can bring the expertise and advice that your current situation needs.

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