TiBiDi stands for Think It, Believe It, Do It and is a half day, must have, session for ANYBODY who wants to raise their self-awareness, tap into their self-belief and make huge personal or work strides as a result.

TiBiDi is an all-hands, interactive event featuring input, group exercises, challenges, video and audio footage which seeks to challenge your status quo.

The basic premise of TiBiDi is that if you can conceive of something that you want to do in life, and have sufficient positive belief in yourself, then you can Do It – anything. TiBiDi works best with groups of over 20 people and can operate with up to 100 people, making it an ideal, cost effective session for your next away-day or offsite.

This course – and its follow up programme “TiBiDi II – Playing from a 10” is powerful stuff and one that has been seen by thousands and comes highly recommended.

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