What I Do Best

Leadership Masterclass

Leadership Masterclass

Over the last 17 years, I have designed and delivered many, many Leadership Courses for clients and training organisations. I have worked alongside some of the world’s best trainers and have ...
Management Essentials

Management Essentials

Making the move to Management can be one of the most exciting stages in a person’s working life. It can also be the most daunting, as there are a number of personal changes that Managers need ...


TiBiDi stands for Think It, Believe It, Do It and is a half day, must have, session for ANYBODY who wants to raise their self-awareness, tap into their self-belief and make huge personal or work ...


Psycho! (short for Psycho-Geometrics) is a intense and fun exercise that helps people understand their personal preferences and those around them. Based on Jungian Psychology (think MBTI, Insights, ...


In my mind, the ability to Coach effectively is one of the key differentiators between normal and outstanding leaders. Many people understand the concept and value of Coaching but do not have the ...
Personal Presence

Personal Presence

Personal Presence can be run as an individual (1:1) session or as a team but the goal is still the same; To help Senior Personnel discover how they can make themselves more confident, communicative, ...
Key Notes, Facilitation

Key Notes, Facilitation

My experience of training, coaching, presenting and speaking in various contexts, cultures and countries has led people to increasingly ask whether I can help them out in other ways. Examples; ...
Other Training

Other Training

Whilst a number of the major interventions offered are listed and detailed on this website, I also regularly run training/learning events in other areas. Below are some of the courses and sessions I ...


A selection of organisations with whom I have worked in the last 10 years


Nigel was a fantastic coach and facilitator. So subtle, patient, and effective.

Rhys Evans, Management Consultant

Thanks a lot for your time and efforts – and even more for the knowledge you shared with us. It was the best training I’ve ever participated in.

Aleksandr Lavrentjev, Business Development Manager, AS-4Finance

Nigel’s facilitation and training style is hugely interactive. His down-to-earth, fun and informative approach helps build openness and trust in a group dynamic – building connection step by step. He will most likely encourage you to think a little differently – to take a fresh perspective so don’t get yourself too comfortable! 🙂

Janice Keyes, Mind Over Matter Coaching Ltd.

One of the reasons Nigel is such an excellent speaker, trainer and coach is that he embodies and models the approaches he puts forward to clients.  He truly is the change he wants to see in the world.

Simon Lawrence, Managing Director, Transform Consultants Ltd.

Instructive, energising and always entertaining, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Nigel as a skilled and professional coach for teams and individuals alike.

Jonathan Miller, Operations Director, Tornado Wire Ltd

I would just love to have just a small piece of his ability to provide profound, inspirational and timely perspectives of improving the world of being human. He is able to provide an appropriate balance between seriousness and a lightness of touch that encourages me to really listen to what he is saying.

Bernard J Thorpe, Industry Leader, Magistrate (retd)

Nigel has been engaged by Romec on a number of occasions for 1:1 mentoring, motivational speaking at our National Management Roadshows and as a facilitator at Team Building events. The results and outputs are always excellent and the feedback from senior and front line managers is impressive.

John Vince, Director – Soft Services, Romec Ltd

Nigel’s set of abilities, and all the associated skills, techniques (and possibly wizardry!) behind them make for a truly fascinating, effective facilitator in any situation. He makes a positive difference, and you are greedy if you ask for more than that.

Andy Wood, Senior L&D Manager, LF Europe Ltd

Nigel’s work helped us to break down resistance to change and build adaptable and resilient employees.  His programmes have the ability to both motivate and inspire. This enables a faster pace of change which is why we continue to use Nigel’s services again and again.

Ruth Gawthorpe, MIoD, Owner “The Change Directors”

I’ve known and worked with Nigel for many years and have always found him to be knowledgeable, dedicated and very professional.

Chris Holmes, True Colours Ltd

Nigel’s leadership development work and follow-up coaching have helped many teams unlock unhelpful mental models that serve to impede our progress, freeing us up to see the possibilities to do even more.

Duke Maines, Principal Consultant, McKinney Rogers, USA

‘Top bloke’ + ‘amazing depth & breadth of knowledge’ + ‘awesome trainer’ = Sir Nigel

Andy Cope, Director/Owner, “The Art of Brilliance”

Even though I think I have a good understanding in leadership & followership, Nigel handled the topic with wit in a fresh and new angle and I had great new insights. I believe all leaders, no matter how experienced they are, can learn something from Nigel.

Ylva Ahlander, COO, 4Finance AB, Sweden

Nigel is one of the best coaches I have the pleasure to know. His authenticity, hardworking attitude and coaching skill set make him a perfect choice for any individual or team wishing to develop and grow.

Edward McFarlane, Partner, Votive Leadership LLP

Nigel breathed new life into our annual managers’ roadshows and has helped instil new levels of self belief and confidence across the company.

Peter Walls, HR Director, Romec Ltd.

I asked Nigel to fly to Madrid and provide a Leadership training to the Senior team in my company. They all enjoyed the course and Nigel’s approach. Since then, I have seen them more motivated around leadership, coaching and managing people in general. They are aware on how they impact their teams and take more responsibility on how they influence their people.

Beatriz Arderius, HR Manager, Vivus Finance Spain

Nigel helped me to gain insight in my strengths, weaknesses and motivation in life. He gave me tools and techniques that I use regularly to reflect on my progression. He truly inspired me to be the best I can be.

Remi Verhoeven, IT Analyst, Accenture, NL

If you are looking for some innovation in your training, you won’t be disappointed with Nigel’s approach.  The combination of a truly engaging delivery style and ability to see things from a new perspective, backed up with many years of practical on the job experience is a real winner.

Paul Lloyd, Director, True Colours Ltd

Nigel has that rare ability of being able to deliver quality learning experiences to delegates of all ages and experience and is equally at home working on the shop floor or the Boardroom. He is an outstanding presenter, a dynamic coach and a wonderful writer using his sharp wit and humour to powerful effect.

Keith Stanton, Managing Partner, Votive LLP

Nigel is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend him for any coaching or training.

Denis Kerrigan, Corporate Trainer, North American Breweries.


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    About Nigel Percy Ltd

    Nigel Percy Ltd is a Company founded in 2004, primarily to provide Learning and Development interventions to Organisations in the UK and Northern Europe. Since then, simply by word or mouth and personal recommendation, Nigel has provided Training, Coaching and Development Consultancy in 29 Countries around the globe.

    If you book Nigel Percy Ltd for an event, the good news is that you will get Nigel Percy. There is nobody else involved in the service delivery. The even better news is that if you need more people (say for a larger rollout or a vary large group – say 30+) then Nigel can contact and pull in some of the best trainers and speakers in the world. NB This is not a joke. Nigel has been fortunate to have worked with, and sometimes for, some of the top 10% on the planet in terms of their quality and expertise in Speaking and Training.

    Nigel has a very broad range of experience, having worked for the number one Brewery in the World for over 25 years as a manager and a leader. He held a number of roles such as, Distribution, IT, Audit, Finance and HR; finishing his corporate experience as Training and Development manager for the total Supply Chain for the Company, thus having access to experience of people on the Shop Floor right up to C-Suite Executives. It was here that he also formed his interest in myriad forms of Learning and Development, being at the leading edge of pioneering new areas (at the time) such as NLP, Appreciative Inquiry, Jungian Psychology, Self-Managed Teams, Lean Manufacturing, Memory Skills and Accelerated Learning. His thirst for knowledge and applicability led to Nigel achieving a Masters Degree (MSC) in Training, Development and Performance Management from Leicester University (UK) in 2004.

    Nigel works as a freelance Consultant both with his own clients and as an Associate Trainer for various Companies across the world. He has worked in numerous Countries, in various Cultures and at all levels for both private and public Organisations as well as with Schools and Universities.

    Nigel lives in Nottingham, England with his partner, Ann and family. He supports Sheffield Wednesday.