I Just Found Out There’s No Such Thing As The Real World

I Just Found Out There’s No Such Thing As The Real World

No Such Thing / John Mayer (Mayer/Cook)


I just love it when I’m running one of my Mojo sessions and I start to notice a grudging approval that I might be on to something. Here I am, suggesting that people can choose to be more positive in their outlook and that this simple change may have a huge effect on them AND the people around them. What Horlicks!


At least that’s the attitude from one or two people in the room.

In a big audience of (say) 100 people – they will pull a “I disagree” face, but not actually say anything.


In an audience of 50 people you may catch a glance of someone checking the facts out with their neighbour. I imagine the script is running something like this;

“What’s this guy on? He’s suggesting that we can change our own approach to our lives and that by thinking differently we can get a different outcome. Are you going to sit there and buy this stuff?!” Depending on the neighbour’s reaction we may have 2 dissenters in the room. No problem.


In an audience of (say) 20 people – a person may actually “out” their thoughts;

“You’re not living in the Real World, Nigel. What you’re saying is totally unrealistic”


What is the Real World? As John Mayer says in this song; “It’s just a lie you have to rise above”.

What people are describing is their Real World. Their experiences, their mistakes, their thoughts and outcomes and the way life has unfolded for them. At least, the bits that they want to relate to you. People tend to want to tell you about the unfairness of it all and how you have to struggle and fight to get anything to go your way. It’s as if any sort of happiness or “lucky breaks” should be buried deep because maybe no-one deserves to have that kind of life.

Mayer wonders whether parents ever wished for anything better than their reality and so then they warn you to “stay inside the lines” – just like they did.


And what’s realistic mean anyway? It means life-LIKE. Resembling something that is real.

Just like a Soap Opera could be realistic. Plastic surgery could be realistic. A Fake Tan could be realistic.


Your outlook on life is what you want it to be. Don’t you just love critics?

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