Stop Dreaming Of The Quiet Life ‘Cos It’s The One We’ll Never Know

Stop Dreaming Of The Quiet Life ‘Cos It’s The One We’ll Never Know

Town Called Malice / The Jam (Weller)


Chances are, that if you’re reading this, you’re inquisitive, or fascinated or creative or looking to network. Or all four…

This blog appears in places where people, who want to keep learning, poke around. To my knowledge my oldest reader is just over 70 and the youngest is under 13 and (even given that broad age range) they have one thing in common – prolonged success.


The success I’m taking about is not (necessarily) financial nor fame-related nor even to do with status. But it is connected to self-actualisation; aka the summit of the Motivational Mountain – the place where the wishers, hopers, strivers and dreamers reside.


Furthest down the Mountain are people who Wish for a quiet life. They want to be left alone because they’ve reached the temperature they once set on their internal thermostat. Their expectations were low and they have quickly and easily fulfilled them. Yay.


A little further up the slopes are the Hopers. These characters hope that things will work out for them and are passive instead of actively working on their goals. Again, a quiet life is what they crave as they watch and wait for things to change in their favour.


Toward the top are the Strivers. They push and hustle but without real purpose. They have goals but only ones suggested by someone else in a self-help book or via the internet. They understand that “you are what you settle for” but are also convinced that if you reach a certain point you can quit working and enjoy the Good Life.


Which just leaves the Dreamers. Dreamers know that it never ends. Dreamers know that there’s always something to work toward; a better outcome or a more effective way. Dreamers don’t seek a Quiet Life but one in which they are tested and challenged, motivated and rewarded. No quitting, no retiring, just living and continuously achieving.


Full On.

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