“Plays That Song That’s So Elusive” Spirit Of Radio / Rush  (Lee, Lifeson, Peart)

“Plays That Song That’s So Elusive” Spirit Of Radio / Rush (Lee, Lifeson, Peart)

Here’s some great advice for tomorrow – lifted from the lines of a song (in italics) – and just shows you what your iPod can tell you about (Self) Leadership.

Begin the day with a friendly voice
Kick-start your day as your own DJ. Tell yourself that you’re going to have a good day.
A companion unobtrusive
A voice that you are familiar with from your own head; one that understands you and never lets you down.
Plays that song that’s so elusive
Your DJ knows what you like and puts on the right record at the right time. It might be uplifting or calming but it hits the right note.
And the magic music makes your morning mood
Your magic music; no one else’s. This record might not affect other people but it gets you every time.

Off on your way, hit the open road
This record is motivating; it moves you forward, lifts you and carries you along.
There is magic at your fingers
When your soundtrack is playing, everything you touch turns to gold and can affect other people too.
For the spirit ever lingers
This magic never goes away. The inspiration continues long after the music ends.
Undemanding contact in your happy solitude
This is not difficult – you don’t need others around you for this, you don’t need outside influences or input from others to make it happen.

Invisible airwaves crackle with life
The magic is inside you and lights up your body; it shows up as enthusiasm – from the Greek En-Theos, “Spirit Within”
Bright antennae bristle with the energy
You body language and choice of words will reflect how you feel and this is infectious. You will be more attractive to others!
Emotional feedback on a timeless wavelength
Messages are transmitted in an around you at a profound level. These are not just words but emotions and feelings that all “animals” can understand. Always.
Bearing a gift beyond price, almost free
You cannot buy happiness but this is yours for the taking.