Model Directory

Model Directory

Not what you thought?
The Model Directory will feature a regularly updated gallery of useful (and not so useful) Leadership, Management and Personal Development Models. I will outline the model for you, give you my view on how to use it and its applicability and direct you to where you might find out more. Send in your favourites too; the catwalk’s big and wide…

Sir Nigel Thrivall and his SAKOL

Sir Nigel Thrivall and his SAKOL

Sir Thrivall; one of the knights of the Round Table. He thrived on all things in life – his visor was always half-open, not half closed. In my book, Sir Nigel Thrivall (who is the great, great etc descendant of the original) tells his ancestor’s story and how his approach has evolved into modern times. NB His SAKOL is Nigel’s only contemporary weapon – the Swiss Army Knife Of Life.

Where’s Nally?

Where’s Nally?

The aim of “Where’s Nally?” is to show you the locations in the world where Nigel has worked. Why? Because we all love flags…



I would just love to have just a small piece of his ability to provide profound, inspirational and timely perspectives of improving the world of being human. He is able to provide an appropriate balance between seriousness and a lightness of touch that encourages me to really listen to what he is saying.

Bernard J Thorpe, Industry Leader, Magistrate (retd)

Nigel has been engaged by Romec on a number of occasions for 1:1 mentoring, motivational speaking at our National Management Roadshows and as a facilitator at Team Building events. The results and outputs are always excellent and the feedback from senior and front line managers is impressive.

John Vince, Director – Soft Services, Romec Ltd

Nigel’s set of abilities, and all the associated skills, techniques (and possibly wizardry!) behind them make for a truly fascinating, effective facilitator in any situation. He makes a positive difference, and you are greedy if you ask for more than that.

Andy Wood, Senior L&D Manager, LF Europe Ltd

Nigel’s work helped us to break down resistance to change and build adaptable and resilient employees.  His programmes have the ability to both motivate and inspire. This enables a faster pace of change which is why we continue to use Nigel’s services again and again.

Ruth Gawthorpe, MIoD, Owner “The Change Directors”

I’ve known and worked with Nigel for many years and have always found him to be knowledgeable, dedicated and very professional.

Chris Holmes, True Colours Ltd

Nigel’s leadership development work and follow-up coaching have helped many teams unlock unhelpful mental models that serve to impede our progress, freeing us up to see the possibilities to do even more.

Duke Maines, Principal Consultant, McKinney Rogers, USA

‘Top bloke’ + ‘amazing depth & breadth of knowledge’ + ‘awesome trainer’ = Sir Nigel

Andy Cope, Director/Owner, “The Art of Brilliance”