“Think I’m Just Happy” – Dumb / Nirvana (Cobain)

“Think I’m Just Happy” – Dumb / Nirvana (Cobain)

Happiness takes many forms. Different things to different people.

Some people are happy because they are rich. Some people are happy because they have status or power. Some people are happy because they know their purpose. There are myriad spiritual, love & relationship-based reasons too.

Others are happy because they are in control – of their happiness.

That’s right, we have the power to think ourselves happy.

“Oh – That’s different!” I hear you splutter, “That’s not real happiness”.

Fascinating – 15 seconds ago we couldn’t define what happiness is or why it happens; now we’re in a position to say what it’s not?

In today’s environment we are surrounded by, and happily accept, fakes and copies, imitations and karaoke, genetically modified food and synthetic material and you want to argue about real happiness?

Consider this quote,

“I am the happiest man alive. I have that in me that can convert poverty into riches, adversity to prosperity and I am more invulnerable than Achilles; Fortune hath not one place to hit me.”

This guy* is able to create synthetic happiness. “I have that in me…” He is an alchemist. What’s more he is armoured against all those crappy things in life that could bring him down. Fortune cannot affect him because, presumably, he does not believe in Luck. Way to go.

This is great news. You can decide to be happy! You can approach it logically or creatively; it makes no difference. Happiness is not a destination; it’s a way of life. You get to completely determine how it happens, when it happens, how often it happens and how long for. It is completely within your grasp to just BE happy.

Cool. So who is the guy? Must be some modern-day, new age, post-mindfulness Guru?

No. It’s been around a while…

* Sir Thomas Browne, Religio Medici – 1642


Other Training

Other Training

Whilst a number of the major interventions offered are listed and detailed on this website, I also regularly run training/learning events in other areas. Below are some of the courses and sessions I have designed and delivered in the last 2 years (please contact me for more details);

  • Personality & Team Profiles (e.g. Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Psycho, Belbin, Situational Leadership)
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills
  • Change Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Creativity Awareness
  • Project Management/Leadership
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  • Team Building events
  • Appraisals and Performance Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
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